Equipment Repairs

Shop Repair: $60 per hour

In shop service repair - power wheelchairs and medical mobility scooters: $60 per hour. Minimum 1 hour charge. Battery installs are free on some medical mobility scooters if the batteries are purchased from us.

  • Example 1: You scooter needs a new throttle installed. The throttle takes 30 minutes to install. The customer would be charged the minimum 1 hour charge which is $60.
  • Example 2: You have a scooter that needs a ton of work. It takes 2 hours to repair the scooter. The charge for the repair would be $120 for the 2 hours.

Home Repair: $80 per hour plus $1.00 round trip charge per mile

In home service repair - power wheelchairs and medical mobility scooters: $80 per hour plus a $1.00 round trip travel charge per mile. Minimum 1 hour charge.

  • Example 1: Customer's house is 10 miles from our shop and they need 2 batteries installed. Since the tech will need to drive 10 miles to the customer and 10 miles back to the shop the "round trip charge" would be $20. If the batteries take 30 minutes to install the customer will be charged the minimum 1 hour for the repair which is $80, plus the cost of the batteries. So the total charge to have the technician come out to the house would be $100, the batteries would be additional.
  • Example 2: The customer lives 60 miles away and needs 4 hours of repair. The customer would be charge $60 out and $60 back for the round trip charge. The customer would also be charge $80 times the 4 hours. So the $120 plus $320 is $440 for the total repair if no parts are needed.

Frequently asked questions:

Why is there a minimum 1 hour charge? This is because a lot more goes into a repair then just the repair itself. There was a person that had to field your call and setup your appointment. There was someone that had to write up the work order. There is someone that needs to do the billing and the account of this transaction. We need to carry insurance so we are covered to do this repair at your house.

Why is the hourly rate different for in shop and at home repairs? This is because if we do repairs at your home we need to carrier special liability insurance for that type of repair. Also we then need a vehicle and vehicle insurance to come out to the house to do that repair.

Why is there a round trip charge? This is to cover the technician's pay when travelling from house to house in between repairs. This also covers mileage, wear and tear on the vehicles.