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Interstate Battery

Interstate Battery - SLA1116 - 12 volt 18 amp - OEM Equivalent

Interstate Battery - SLA1116 - 12 volt 18 amp - OEM Equivalent

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Our extensive general purpose SLA line is designed for the best balance, charge/discharge tolerance, capacity utilization and good depth of discharge (DOD). It delivers optimized performance for a wide array of cycling and backup applications:


  • Manufactures: Golden Technologies, Pride, Universal Battery
  • Model Names: Bebop, BuzzAround Lite, BuzzAround XL, Gogo, Gogo Elite Traveller, Gogo Ultra X, Sonic
  • Model Numbers: GB106, GB116, GB146, SC40, SC40E, SC40LR, SC40U, SC40X, SC44, SC44E, SC44LR, SC44U, SC44X, SC46, SC50, SC52
  • Part Number: SLA1116
  • Replaces: UB12180 DCM0018

Gogo Scooter Removal: Remove the 8 screws on the bottom of the battery pack and separate the 2 halves. Remove the 4 battery connectors and remove batteries. Batteries are heavily velcroed in place. You will need to pry the batteries out with a screw driver or have someone with strong hands tilt the batteries side to side until the velcro loosens up so they can be pulled out.

Battery Information:

For a high quality replacement battery, the Interstate SLA1116 12V 18AH Nut & Bolt is the way to go. This rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid battery provides excellent performance, durability, and a long battery life for emergency and UPS systems, medical applications, and more. Both functional, safe, and lightweight, the SLA1116 is valve regulated making it nearly impossible to spill.

  • Chemistry: SEALED LEAD ACID (AGM)
  • Volts: 12.00
  • Milliamp hours: 18000.00 mAH
  • Amp hours: 18.00 AH
  • Color: BLACK
  • Termination: NUT & BOLT
  • Width (US): 2.99 in
  • Length (US): 7.13 in
  • Height (US): 6.57 in
  • Weight (US): 11.02 lb
  • Width (Metric): 75.95 mm
  • Length (Metric): 181.10 mm
  • Height (Metric): 166.88 mm
  • Weight (Metric): 5.00 kg
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